Amazon owner Jeff Bezos carries out inaugural space voyage

LiveJeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, and three crewmates have soared high above the Texas desert aboard his space in an historic suborbital flight that helps to inaugurate a new era of private commercial space tourism.Mr Bezos was almost lost for words after returning to land, but said

Have dating apps become your new COVID-19 information source?

Have dating apps become the new public health COVID-19 information source?This is by no means a hyperbolic question. Dating apps have played a pivotal role in relation to public information since the very start of the pandemic. On March 3, 2020, Tinder issued an in-app public service announcement regarding

Kids are ‘data farms’ for platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat

LiveAustralian children are being treated like data farms by digital platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat, as complex terms-and-conditions make it difficult for kids to understand how their information is being used, experts fear.Professor Elizabeth Handsley, a children’s media expert at University of Western Sydney, says urgent

The tech and lifestyle trends driving home energy bills higher

The way we work and live is changing, and this has big implications for our home energy bills.Technology’s increasing role in our everyday lives means we’re relying on electricity not just for heating, cooling and cooking, but for everything from charging devices and electric cars to powering elaborate home

Super Mario game breaks records, fetching eye-watering $2m at auction

An unopened copy of Nintendo’s Super Mario 64 has sold at auction for $US1.56 million ($A2.09 million).Heritage Auctions in Dallas said the 1996 game sold on Sunday (local time), breaking its previous record price for the sale of a single video game.A spokesman did not immediately respond to an

About 10 per cent of NT population without internet or mobile access

Northern Territorians are struggling to pay for internet access and mobile phone plans necessary for accessing essential online services, researchers say.Low-income households and people from remote areas are facing financial hardship as more and more services move to the web, the Northern Territory Council of Social Service says.“Many lower-income

Data harvesters are using apps like TikTok to spy on our kids

Online privacy advocates are calling for legislation to protest children from privacy abuse by wildly popular apps such as Tik Tok, Instagram and Snapchat.According to digital advocacy group Reset Australia, the terms of use for those same apps require tertiary level reading skills, and would take an average of

Google pushes back at expanded government cyber powers

Google has warned proposed powers to allow the federal government to bust into networks and block cyber attacks are flawed and will create more problems for the tech sector.The government wants to impose obligations on companies requiring them to report critical cyber security incidents within 12 hours.Under the proposed

Fastest speed goes to Optus, but small players rising up

Australia’s internet providers have logged their best NBN speed performance ever – and consumers are the winner, as the quality gap between small, cheaper telcos and premium brands narrows.In February, ISPs delivered between 86.8 and 99.1 per cent of advertised NBN25, NBN50, and NBN100 plan speeds during the busy