How photographer Felix Rome got the wildlife pictures of a lifetime

(CNN) — Despite his surname, Felix Rome never wanted to settle in an urban area. The Salisbury, England native trained as a photographer and eventually landed his dream job -- staff shutterbug for a group of safari camps in East Africa.Although Rome was hired to travel between Governor's Camp's

Privacy concerns cast a long shadow over Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories

In partnership with eyewear brand Ray-Ban, Facebook has released its first pair of smart glasses, offering wearers the ability to capture photos and videos without even needing to pull out their phone.The glasses, called Ray-Ban Stories, are now available for $449 and are functionally similar to devices already on

Jeff Bridges details battle with Covid and cancer

In a new post to his website, the actor says his cancerous mass is now the "size of a marble" and his Covid "in the rear view mirror" after a struggle that began earlier this year. Bridges believes he caught the virus after being exposed at the facility where