This Is the Exact Diet and Workout That Keeps Jamie Foxx Fit at 53

Jamie Foxx has been a fixture in the entertainment industry for over 30 years, working as a singer, actor, producer, director, and writer on countless beloved albums, TV shows, and movies. Now 53 years old, the Oscar- and Grammy-winning star has a truly stunning list of achievements to his

The NFL is pain, welcome to the 2021 season

In the world of mathematics, one of the seemingly simplest problems in existence is also one that has eluded humanity’s brightest minds for generations. The Collatz conjecture is a hugely impressive term for something so basic it hurts: 3x+1. Under scrutiny it’s held into the quadrillions that

Fantasy Hockey Preview: Arizona Coyotes

Jakob Chychrun. Photo by Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports.Are you ready, NHL fans? We’re back to the 82-game regular-season format, which means more joy and also more pain. It’s a roller coaster of emotions every season because there are always surprises, and the good ones can make us feel like geniuses