‘Sunken city’ discovered off of Egypt

(Reuters) — Divers have discovered rare remains of a military vessel in the ancient sunken city of Thônis-Heracleion -- once Egypt's largest port on the Mediterranean -- and a funerary complex illustrating the presence of Greek merchants, the country said on Monday, July 19.The city, which controlled the entrance

Black Americans are buying more life insurance. Here’s why.

Two days after Christmas, Johnny Oaks found his son, Jonathan, dead in his bedroom of their Houston home. The cause of death: Covid-19.The shock and pain crippled Oaks. “J,” as he called his son, was just 37. He had been diagnosed with the coronavirus only two days before, after

Universal Life Insurance USAA Settlement

Universal life insurance promises to offer both a death benefit and investment returns pegged to the stock market. Yet experts say a recent $90-million legal settlement highlights how that