Carbon counter: environmental cost of cash pales against crypto

Like the proverbial bad penny, cash refuses to disappear. Exchanging notes and coins for goods and services can feel archaic when digital payments exist and have a smaller carbon footprint. Privacy remains one of cash’s biggest attractions. Those qualities also make cryptocurrencies appealing. Lex’s Carbon Counter this week looks

The first step into blockchain industry

The cryptocurrency industry has grown immensely in the years since it began. Following Bitcoin’s (BTC) launch in 2009, an entire industry has sprung up and flourished around the innovative asset and its underlying blockchain technology. People have created thousands of crypto projects, numerous different blockchains and a number of

Using Solar Radio Signals to Monitor Melting Ice Sheets

The experimental setup and test site at Store Glacier, Greenland. Researchers conceptualized a battery-powered receiver with an antenna placed on the ice that can measure ice thickness using the sun’s radio waves. Credit: Sean Peters A new method for seeing through ice sheets using radio signals from the sun could

Should I buy a full-frame camera in 2021?

If you're getting serious about photography (or video), then you've probably looked into full-frame cameras. There's a degree of camera snobbery when it comes to this sensor size and you might think that you need full-frame in order to get better photos than from a smartphone or crop-sensor digital

Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick Steer Texas Far to the Right

One is a former State Supreme Court justice who acts with a lawyer’s caution; the other a Trumpist firebrand who began his political career in the world of conservative talk radio. They have sparred at times, most recently this winter over the deadly failure of their state’s electrical grid.But

The ghost towns left behind by Qatar's oil boom

The crumbling remains of abandoned fishing villages on the northwest coast of Qatar offer a fascinating journey into the country's past before the oil and gas-fueled economic boom drew people away from traditional maritime ways of life. Source link

Mortgage Payoff Eliminates Up to 15 Years of Payments

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