J Hotel Shanghai Tower: World’s highest hotel opens in China

(CNN) — Shanghai's already-hot hotel scene just keeps getting hotter.The J Hotel Shanghai Tower, which opened on June 19, isn't just another high-end property. It claims to be the highest hotel in the world. The J Hotel occupies the top floors of the Shanghai Tower -- which at 632

10 moments which shaped it into the most powerful party in the world

The failure of the “Great Leap Forward” weakened Mao's grip on power. So he launched a campaign to destroy his political rivals and create total loyalty within the party.Without warning, Mao claimed that groups opposed to communist ideology had infiltrated the party and needed to be cleansed.His calls to

Post-pandemic rise in sexually transmitted diseases imminent, experts warn

As Americans start to emerge from the pandemic, public health experts and doctors have a dire warning about a possible new health crisis this summer, one that involves a different type of infection: sexually transmitted diseases.“We are expecting the summer of love,” said David Harvey, executive director of the

Replacement Cost Insurance | Money

You carry homeowners insurance to pay the costs if your home is damaged or destroyed. But not every policy guarantees you’ll be made whole after that happens, especially in

Flying car makes breakthrough city-to-city trip

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction – or maybe a Back to the Future remake? – but a prototype flying car has just completed a trip between two European city.The hybrid car-aircraft, dubbed AirCar by its creators, made the 35-minute journey between international airports in the Slovakian